Look #1: Turquoise Kimono: H&M / Floral one-piece 
& clutch: Plato's Closet / Converse: Journey's

Look #2: Flower headband: ASOS / Body chain: Forever 21 / 
Denim high-waist shorts: Goodwill / White halter bodysuit: American Apparel 

I'm pretty weird. I think I put together outfits that most people wouldn't think of but that's the beauty of personal style. 
- Yours Truly 

Kimonos has to be one of my favorite pieces to wear for the summer. I love the way they flow with the wind as you walk. They also add a little extra flavor to any out, especially when paired with denim shorts. Too bad that summer breeze is coming to an end really soon. Say bye bye to bright colors and bold prints. Most people put their colorful clothing away until the next summer season but I'll find some way to brighten up Fall! Until then, I'll stick to my booty shawts and florals.

Btw.. are y'all loving these dreads or nah? Since I've had them I've gotten so many amazing compliments. They certainly bring out my eccentricity. I'm definitely thinking about locking up my real hair some time in the future.