Flower headband: Forever21 / Flowy tube top: Plato'sCloset / High-waisted jean skirt: Goodwill / Strappy sandals: Forever 21/ Tan satchel bag: JustFab

I'm back bissshhhheeesss!!! I know y'all missed me (sike)...

I've honestly been really lazy lately. I didn't know how to act when the Summer came and all of the stress went away. I went home to Miami and had the time of my life... then I came back to Gainesville and realized how limited I was here. There's so many more networking opportunities on the basis of fashion and the arts in Miami compared to Gainesville. I had so many ideas with limited time. Now, I'm in Gainesville depressed af with these summer classes.

I shouldn't be depressed bruh. Summer is my favorite season. I see it as a time for new beginnings and as a time to reflect upon my life. The free time allows me to figure out what I need to fix about myself and what I can do to grow into a better me. Every summer has always been a tough one for me. So far I've had a surgery, a break-up and a falling out but I ain't complaining. Shit happens and I truly appreciate these experiences. The beauty of life is being able to grow and change so that you mold into your true self.

Last but not least, I can't forget to mention how I'm supposed to have been working on making and selling these flower headbands but... you know that whole lazy thing I walking about earlier... I've created a couple of them but I just want them to perfect before I start selling them. But... I'm broke-e-fugh so I need to stop playing and get this money. I will be selling soon so be on the lookout those!! For inquiries email: brokehannah@gmail.com


Aviators: Forever 21 / Kimono: Forever 21 / 
Bikini top: H&M 
/ Pink skater skirt: Forever 21 / Jellies: ASOS

I had to do a quick little post for the week and now I wish I got a better shots of this outfit. I loved it sooooo much!

Y'all see the chromed out Mustang though!! Uhhhh.. It's not mines. Y'all know I'm broke lol. This is my dream car though. I see it around Gainesville all the time. I'm looking out for the owner. Thats gonna be bae!!!! I can see me and bae riding around listening to Gold Alpinas by Dom Kennedy and Rick Ross sipping on margaritas...

Okay now. Back to reality...

I'm so glad the semester is overrrrr!!! I have a lot more free time on my hands now and I have a lot in store for Broke and Black this summer. I swear every summer something major happens in my life. I pray that this one is a good one with nothing but positivity, great vibes and fun. Y'all stay tuned and in the meantime, check out my baby daddy Dom Kennedy's song.

Stay Breezy!