Crochet kimono: PacSun / Coined statement necklace: Forever 21 / 
Vintage floral top: Flashbacks Recycled Fashions / 
Red distressed high waist shorts: Flashbacks / Cutout boots: Forever 21

Is it strange for me to say that if I were to die today there's not a thing that I would change, I've lived well...
                                                                                                                        - Jhene Aiko

Life has gotten really real lately. School has been occupying most of my time so I haven't been posting as much as I want to. Hopefully, I'll learn how to manage my time a little better asap...

Lately, these dreads and my mood have really been inspiring my outfits. I've been feeling a lot like Jhene Aiko, just sailing along with the waves of life. Every wave has a lesson and throughout all the bs that comes along with it, you just gotta keep going. 

The crochet kimono I'm wearing gives me a free spirit attitude, along with the dark colored statement necklace. I combined this free spirit feel with a little vintage floral top that I purchased from my favorite thrift store in Gainesville known as Flashbacks. I decided to pair it with some distressed high waist shorts that I also picked up from Flashbacks. I love the shorts are a little faded. The color just meshes together with the rest of the outfit. 

Leaf cuff earring / Coined statement necklace / Triangular hand chain / Crocheted cami crop top / Black maxi skirt / Leafy arm cuff / Nude strappy sandals: All from Forever 21
Black Westby bracelets: Aldo

This outfit was essentially based around my faux dreads.  Faux dreads are on the top of the list of my favorite hairstyles. Judging from the compliments I've received I'm guessing everyone else is loving them too. A couple of people were even upset with me when I informed them that they weren't real. It's going to suck to let them go because they're just so convenient, especially for the fall and winter. 

I decided to go with an island girl type of look to compliment the dreads. I wanted to play around with earth tones for the fall while still having a summery vibe because it hasn't exactly cooled down in Florida yet. Statement necklaces are a big trend for the fall. If you feel that you're outfit is too simple just throw on one of these statement pieces and you'll surely stand out from the crowd!

"In Memory of When I Gave A Shit" tee: Fresh Goods Clothing / 
Silver choker, arm cuff & rings: Forever 21 / Westby bracelets: Aldo / 
HUF Plantlife socks: Zumiez / Vans Sk8 Hi Shoes: Zumiez

Have you ever had one of those days when you're over everything and everyone? I literally rolled out of bed like "fuck it"and threw this shirt on. Don't you just love it? I purchased it at 3AM Boutique which is a new urban/streetwear store at Oaks Mall in Gainesville. This store is super-duper dope and I'm hoping to do a shoot with them in the near future. In the meantime, check them out on instagram though: @3amboutique 

Okay so... Grey is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors to wear for the fall season and pairing it with silver chunky accessories adds a little flare to the dullness of the grey. Honestly, I've always preferred gold over silver but I wanted to try something different. I decided to wear my "Trap Lord" vans and weed socks to show y'all boys that I'm "bout that life" (SIKE!) I love transforming men's clothing into a feminine look that still fits my comfy yet quirky style. Can't forget to mention how the dreads just gives this look that extra bad ass impression!