Honestly, there was no in-depth creative thought process behind this. I just enjoy the blue-on-blue aesthetic. Blue is such an eye-catching color. It's a color I want to work with more through visuals because there's a lot of concepts that can be connected to the color.

Currently, I'm exploring my creativity as a stylist and visual tastemaker. I'm bored with just putting together outfits and taking pictures. I actually want to produce things with some sort of creative concept behind it. My goal is to get published by next year, so if there are any photographers that's down with the damn thang then holla at me :)

Never thought I was the type of girl to be in a video. The homie Reggie reached out to me a couple of months ago to be apart of this and I'm glad I obliged. This guy truly inspires me as a creative. He raps, he paints, and he directs. It's just not fair how talented he is. His ability to portray stories through his music and art is mind-blowing. He's extremely humble, and overall good person. Mind you, we went to the same high school and never spoke to each other. 

I can't forget to mention Terence, the man behind the visuals. I feel like I'm always talking about how dope he is. He has an amazing eye for photography and film. He's one of the few photographer's that I know that works with a film camera. He also documents things that go around in the black community. 

What's great about both of these guys are that they're both from Miami. It's cool to find people that are actually into the arts because they love it, and not because it's the hype. They're putting out actual content that has the ability to influence the masses, but of course it's not getting tons of views. It's not about likes, it's about using your platform to inspire. If you'd like to see more of their work, check out Reggie and Terence's Instagram pages below.

Also, check out Reggie's website: www.loveachother.com