LA Dodgers cap: Lids / Plaid shirt: My mama / 
Halter bodysuit: American Apparel / 
Sporty jean: Cotton On / 
Nike Air Force Ones: Athlete's Foot

 "You don't do it for the men, men never notice. You just do it for yourself, you're the fucking coldest."
                                                                                                                   - Drake

I've been dying for a pair of all-white mid-top Air Forces since elementary school. The Broke and Black struggle was severe back then and my parents couldn't afford it, so I was stuck with hand-me-down Reeboks from my older sister. There was a point in time when Reeboks went out of style and of course I got picked on for wearing them. I told myself I'd eventually be able to buy my own pair of Forces and that's exactly what I did. I bought them summer of 2013 with the tip money I got from working at a restaurant. I cherished them so much that I probably only wore them 3 or 4 times before I brought them back out of the box this year. Everybody knows that Forces are not cute anymore after they start creasing and turning yellow. I had to preserve these babies! 

The LA Dodgers cap has been on my wish list for quite awhile, ever since I started listening to Dom Kennedy (that's bae if you didn't know). I could've opted for a snapback but instead I got a regular cap just to try something different. The joggers we're on sale at Cotton On for $15. I never cared for joggers but they were denim and on sale so I copped! They stop just before the ankle and perfectly compliment my favorite sneakers. The cut of the joggers are meant to be sporty but they still have that feminine appeal which is why I decided to put on a low neck halter bodysuit from AA. Just a lil sex but not too much :)

*On another note, that quote in the intro sums up my persona. (Not only men, but people in general.) I don't do anything to be accepted by others. I simply just enjoy reinventing my style and I don't care who's watching. I get a lot of comments about being "cool" and truthfully I think I'm wack af. Call me humble I guess.* 

Denim top: Banana Republic (Goodwill find) / Overalls: Marshall's / 
Tan coat: Flashbacks / Ashy Timberland boots

Lately, I've been trying to be as versatile as possible with my style. You just never know what you're going to get. One day, I'll give you trap goddess, the next day I'll be boho chic. I see it as embracing my youth because eventually there will come a time when I'll have to "dress my age". My undergrad experience is coming to an end pretty soon, I'm about to turn 22, and things are about to get real. Let's just say I'm not ready to get old and I'll enjoy my youth while I can.

I would definitely say this look is more toned down and simplistic than usual. It was pretty much my "I'm going-to-be-on-campus-all-day-and-I-know-this-weather-is-going-to-play" type of look. Florida weather is ridiculous, especially in Gainesville. It'll be freezing in the morning, hotter than Satan's balls during the afternoon, and then back to feeling like Antarctica in the evening. I put on some Timbs because of course Yeezy taught me, threw a tan coat in my satchel (which explains why it's wrinkled), and seized the day. Who says you can't have a productive day and have style with it?