This April, Broke and Black was blessed with the opportunity to showcase it's talent at the University of Florida's Pride Awareness Fashion Show. My partner in crime CJ Marrett and I explored around the city of Gainesville searching for thrift stores that would allow to use their items to style our models. Most of the clothing we found had a vintage, fun, summery look so we combined them all together. Below are pictures of our us and our models from the event. See if you can guess what era inspired each model's outfit!

    Female Models: Tish, Se'Kayla, Brittney, Yami, Wintana, Kaidian, Domo, Catherine
    Photo credi: Daniel Rosario

    Male Models: Austin, Will (Macklemore), Leo, Roz (she's a girl lol), Greg, TK    

    Couldn't have done it without these people: Daniel Rosario (Photographer), Kimberly Millien (Designer), Me, CJ (Co-Founder), TJ (Tech Genius!!)

Our drag queen Kelly Kelly


Post up. Mean mug.

Overalls: Urban Thread / Sneakers: Jordan 1's (Thanks Dan!)

"Dreams come true."
                           - CJ Marrett

No bra, overalls, and sneakers. My outfit for the show was pretty basic but just right. I wanted to be as comfortable and as ME as possible. I was stressing back stage and y'all aint eem know it. I did not like the makeup at all. I was walking around looking like a damn ghost because I don't think the makeup artists knew how to work with dark skin. But whatevs.... I'm proud of myself. 

This had to be the best moment in my college experience. Some students float through 4 years of school not knowing what they're going to do when they get out. I'm surely one of those students. I was at an all time low this semester but PAM Fashion Show turned it all around for me. Thank you CJ especially for making my dreams become reality. I really really really really appreciate everything you've done for me. Thanks for being a great friend and a great partner! Love ya!

Thank you:
Urban Thread
Flashbacks Recycled Fashions
Thrift 5
A Nu Twist Hair Salon
Pride Awareness Month
Kevin Huynh 
Sarah Summerlin 

Fur: Guess / Houndstooth trousers: Gap / 
Pointy toe ankle strap heels: ASOS / 
Long gold chain: Forever 21

Found this fur coat over the summer at Marshalls in Downtown Miami for $40 (originally priced like $125) !!! I saw the fur craze up north on Tumblr, so I'd been dying for one for the longest. Too bad I can only wear it like 3 times a year bc of this Florida weather! I decided to break it out one last time before the winter season ended. I was out there sweating bullets for this shoot so if i look a lil shiny then thats why lol.

Sorry this post is so short and simple. I have some great things in store for Broke and Black. Just stay tuned bishes!

Round sunnies: Forever 21 / Heart-shaped bamboo earrings: Forever 21 / 
Westside jersey: Forever 21 / White origami skirt: Forever 21 / 
Arm-cuff: Forever 21 / Jellies: Cotton On 

"Embrace your youth. As a student in college, it seems that everyone around me just wants to hurry and grow up — but not Margo. She is a person of the now. She taught me that the present is something we never get back. Our job is to make the most out of growing and living, so that when we do die, we can say we lived a life worth living. Margo, thank you for your big hair and red lipstick. Continue to be different, because the last thing the world need is more photocopies of something it’s not."
                                                 - Gemima Rosier                                                                                                                

Recently, I met up with a fellow Gator student to discuss fashion and how it impacts our everyday lives. It felt great to express to someone the reasons behind why I dress the way that I do and what caused me to grow this extreme passion for fashion (that was kinda corny, but whatever lol). 

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