Halter bodysuit: American Apparel
Corduroy skater skirt: American Apparel (Thrifted) /
Salmon socks: Forever 21 / UO white oxfords: Urban Thread 

Hey y'all! Just doing a couple of quick posts before I snatch off my wig. It's synthetic hair so its a tad bit dry, but it was cute while it lasted. I must say this curly fro is my favorite hairstyle because it allows me to create really fun summer looks. Flowers have become a necessity with this hairstyle. They always seem to bring some life to my dead curls. Of course I have to put together flower child-like outfits to complete the overall aesthetic. I can literally put on a simple outfit, like so, and add flowers to make it fun. 

Okay so... this outfit isn't simple. It's a bit much, but I thought I could get away with it a lot easier because of my itty bitties. My itty bitties did not decrease the countless amounts of catcalls I received in this outfit (which is not a good thing). I can hardly take a compliment so imagine how uncomfortable it is when guys try to get at me. They're usually thirsty, old men that are not worthy of being my sugar daddy lol. But seriously, it's 90 degrees outside and if I could walk outside naked I would. Guys please stop overly sexualizing women and let us be cute in peace!

Thrifted red blazer / thrifted jean joggers / 
Chucks/ Mouse headband: Forever 21

If you didn't know by now, I'm into creative styling and directing. I love when I'm able to just work freely and when things flow together naturally because it brings out true creativity. That's exactly what happened with this shoot. It was the most random day ever. I had the pleasure to finally meet up with my dawg Quay Quay who brought together this whole thing. She's a cool, fun chick with great vibes and she has this amazing blog (link below) that she so kindly asked me to be apart of. She's really great and I can't wait to witness what she'll grow to be. Please please please go check out our interview at her blog: flowerbeep.wordpress.com

SN: I'm so tired of being in front of the camera so it was great to actually be behind it. Now I need to find a photographer (because I personally think I suck) with the same creative vision as myself as well a makeup artist and I'll be set!

*please excuse my bad grammar, i was just too excited to put this up and I was in a rush bc I have to go walk my dog lol*

Model: @geezbadu
Creative Directing: @24k.g0ld
Styling: @margo_ashleyy (me bitches)


Tie-dye crop top: thrifted at Flashbacks / Pleated skirt: Flashbacks / 
Frilly socks: American Apparel / UO white oxfords: Urban Thread / 
Gold Hamsa hand necklace: Aldo / Aviator glasses: Forever 21

"Don't get your self-esteem on the internet. Get your money."
- Dom Kennedy 

The process of growth is such a beautiful thing. There's no better feeling than becoming your true self. Having a strong sense of self is such a great quality because by all means society sucks. This is the social media age and the youth of today are highly influenced by it. They're craving attention and looking for fame through social media. We don't even know what they like anymore, they just go along with the hype. Why do people think that likes equate to social acceptance??? Truthfully, seeking internet fame is so lame. When I created Broke and Black, I was not looking for fame. I absolutely hate attention and I'm still learning how to come out of my shell. I could care less if anyone likes my shit or even read my shit. I just needed a place to vent and express myself through bad grammar and fashion. One day, I'll be able to look back at this blog and witness my creative journey. I literally self-reflect everyday to figure out how I can be a better a person and to just be at peace with myself. 

Now that that's over, let's talk about this outfit. I love pairing crop tops with high waisted bottoms. This isn't solely because I'm obsessed with vintage looks but because I never got my summer body together and my abs are currently not on fleek. I don't even know how to fit this look into any type of style category. I literally just threw things on and it came together kind of cool. By mixing frilly socks and oxfords with a tie-dye shirt, I merged two totally different decades of fashion, the 1950s and the 1970s. The Hamsa hand and eagle necklace compliment the "hippie" side of the outfit. I've never felt more like myself than with this outfit and I absolutely loooovvveee my hair. Hate it or love it, this is me guys. Just remember you will never influence the world by trying to be like it...