Leafy ear cuff / Gold choker necklace / Body chain / 
Floral Kimono / Bustier / Striped shorts / 
Chunky chain bracelet: All from Forever 21 
Neon jelly sandals: ASOS

I'm going to start off this post with a couple of facts:

Fact #1: I am not a model. 
I don't want to be a model. I will never be a model.

Fact #2: I do not have perfect skin or a perfect body. 
I have marks all over my legs from mosquito bites. My boobs are small. My ass is not fat. I don't have six pack abs. 

Fact #3: I am not "bad".
I rarely get my nails done. I do not own a Michael Kors bag. I hardly like wearing heels.

This blog is dedicated to anyone that isn't as fortunate to spend lots of money on a nice outfit, anyone with imperfections, and to all of the weird & eccentric bushes out there. You can be cheap and look great, you don't have to get your nails done to look great, and you surely don't have a BeyoncĂ© body to look great. Own your imperfections and shut shit down whether you're going to the club or the grocery store. Most importantly just be you.

Now back to the outfit...This look is definitely Solange inspired. I love how she's able to mix and match patterns perfectly. I decided to put my own spin to pattern madness.

This look is very funky yet versatile. You can spice it up by adding some strappy sandal heels or you can tone it down with simpler accessories. I don't think it's too "thottie" but you'll definitely snatch a lil side piece in this fit :)

Worst Behavior Tanks:
King of Thrones Jersey Tee:
"Clothes are about manipulations: how I feel, how I want to feel, and how I want others to feel about me..."
- Schadre Dent
Founder and CEO of Worst Behavior LLC

For this post I teamed up with my partners-in-crime Lala and CJ to help promote the Worst Behavior Movement. Worst Behavior is an up-and-coming urban clothing brand whose mission is to inspire the imaginative, embrace freedom of expression, uplift individuality, and increase creativity through clothing. The Pharaoh and Nefertiti symbolize Worst Royalty and the representation of the gas mask is left up to your own interpretation. I see it as a way to intimidate those who fear the uncommon.

Worst Behavior's founder is a really good friend of mine. To be honest, I doubted her when she first told me she was going to start a clothing line. Once I saw the products, I immediately turned into a believer. I know the rest of the world will "convert" into believers as well. With that being said, check out worstbehaviorclothing.bigcartel.com and support the #WorstMovement.

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