Denim Jacket: Levi's (borrowed from my mom's)/ Mustard zippered top: Forever 21 / Denim high-waisted skirt: Goodwill / Mustard socks: American Apparel / 
UO white oxfords: Urban Thread in Gainesville
"Normal is a setting on the washing machine"
I just cant get over how good mustard looks on brown skin. Although we're well into winter, somehow mustard manages to be a common color in my wardrobe this season. I can get away with it because technically winter doesn't exist down here in Miami. Besides, who cares about which colors are in season. This mustard and denim combo immediately became one of my favorite outfits, especially with my new hairstyle.

I was extremely nervous about this hairstyle. I knew it would attract attention and I HATE attention. I'm awkward and I don't know how to respond to constant stares and I can hardly accept compliments. I was worried about it not being "professional" and it annoys me when people ask "is that your real hair?" It's a big ass fro, so these things can't be avoided. It sucks that I have to be concerned with hiding my true self in order to mold into the rest of society just to make a living. But yeah, fuck all that. For now, this lion will roam free in the wild.