Oversized sweater: Goodwill / 
Overalls: Some thrift store in Tampa / 
Door knocker earrings: Forever 21 / Boots: Traffic

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing."
                                           - Alexander Wang

It's been a little minute since my last post. I really been skressin... School has been kickin' my ass lately. Between shows, papers, exams, etc. I just couldn't find the time. But I'm baaaackkkk :) Hope y'all didn't miss me too much. 

So guyssss.. this is my favorite sweater. I'm obsessed with 90s style so I just loveee oversized clothing. It's just so comfortable. Besides, I like being able to prove that you can still be cute with big clothes on. I like feeling free, and tight clothes just don't do that for me. Now don't get me wrong... I can put on a nice form-fitting dress and be cute. I just prefer my baggy clothes. 

Speaking of feeling free... I'm sure you've noticed that boob action up there. I thought I'd share the fact that I hardly ever wear bras anymore. I honestly don't know why I stopped. My itty bitties aint bothering nobody any way. I'm all about individuality and free will so wearing short shorts with oversized tops and no bra is what I'm comfortable with.

I wear draws though so don't be too freaked out lol...

There's one last thing that I need to address. Yes people, that big ol bump under my eye is a sty. I'm very aware that it is there. I have to look at it everyday, not you lol. I get them pretty often, usually when I use someone else's makeup. This has to be the worst one I've ever had. I've literally done everything I could to try and make it go away but this one is a bit stubborn. Hopefully it goes away soon because it sucks to be constantly asked "What's that on your eye?" Like gee thanks for the reminder! I hate it. Can't hide it. But it's there. So I deal with it. Boom.

On a lighter note... I'll be giving out some shoes soon so tell ya friends :)

Besitos 😘!!

So I got this coat from a thrift store in Gainesville called Flashbacks last semester (imagine it without all of the hot pink spots). I thought it was perfect since I was going through that whole "I need to be more girly" phase at that time (I was told I only have one style so I had to let these mofos know that I'm versatile). One cold day I decided to wear it on campus and from that day forth I was deemed "Olivia Pope". See people, there are levels to this ish. The coat is nice and all but it is nowhere near Miss Pope's level. She got moneyyyy! I don't (hence the blog's name).

But yeah...

I wore it a couple of times so it needed to be washed. I tend to just throw things into the washer without checking pockets and stuff. At least this time I checked the tags to confirm that it was washable and dry-able! But um so... when I opened the door to the dryer I saw pink stuff all over the inside. I almost cried when I witnessed the gobs of pink spotted mess on my favorite coat. Then I paused, took a second look and figured it didn't look so bad. The spots give off a type of paint splatter effect. Pretty artsy huh?

The culprit was some cheap pink lipstick that I left in one of my pockets. Lesson learned. The problem is figuring out what to wear with it...