Wide-brim fedora: Forever 21 / Printed crop & trousers Forever 21 / 
Chain belt: Forever 21 / 
Spiral cuff: Forever 21 / Sk8-Hi Vans: Zumiez

"I've too much a rebel, never do what I'm supposed ta"
- Janelle Monáe in Yoga

Two-piece sets are the simplest outfits to put together that make a statement. Although this outfit isn't your typical bright-colored summer set, it's still pretty fun. The top was originally a bit longer but I decided to be a thot, so I whipped out my sowing machine to nip & tuck this top into a crop for a more youthful look. This outfit would have looked great with black or white blocky-type sandal heels, or red pointy toe pumps, but of course I went for the more comfortable shoe. Pairing this outfit with Vans completely goes against the grain, which is what I do best. I had to throw on a hat because Lord knows Florida weather is unpredictable and my natural hair doesn't do well with unpredictable. 

Honestly, I wish I could transform my hat into a wide-brim boater hat because this outfit screams Janelle Monáe. She is truly a black queen and I respect her for sticking to black and white as an ode to the uniform of the working class. I admire female artists and people in general that dgaf about the norms of society. We need more Janelle Monáe's in the world.