Stylist: @margo_ashleyy
Model: @youngjdunn
Photographers: @theboomchronicles 

Broke and Black presents... Love & War.
Anything worth having is worth struggling for.

I'm extremely lucky to have close friends into modeling and photography. It's so hard to find people that are willing to work with the "little people" so I consider them a blessing.  They represent the true essence of what I consider being Broke and Black. We're all grinding to make a living and striving to find ourselves but we always make time for our passions. Let's not forget that we're broke asf! But we make it happen. .

SN: if you're in Miami or anywhere in South Florida and you need a stylist, hit a sis up!

Tommy Hilnigga top: FRSHproducts / 
Blue midi skirt: Giti / Frill socks: Cotton On / 
UO white oxfords: Urban Thread in Gainesville 

The weirdest things come together when I let my creativity run free. Initially, I wanted to recreate a 50s look with this midi circle skirt along with the frill socks and oxfords but clearly that did not happen. I did the unconventional thing and added an urban feel to this look by pairing it with the Tommy Hilnigga top. This shirt had major Tumblr hype a few years ago. I don't do the hype thing but I thought it was pretty cool so I bought it and cropped it. I equally love and hate the attention I receive from this shirt. I love it because it always sparks interesting conversation but then I hate it because the negativity that comes along with it. 

"Nigger" is arguably one of the most controversial racial epithets. We all know it as a term that whites used to maintain black inferiority during the age of slavery and segregation. Black youth flipped it from its racist roots into a term of endearment. Some folks say the usage of "nigga" should be restricted to only blacks. Others say the word should be banned from everyone's vocabulary. Kendrick Lamar reminds us that the word derives from Ethiopia as "negus" which means "king" or "royalty". I wont dig too deep into this because I want to read your opinions on this ongoing topic, just to stimulate some dialogue on the blog. Please feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion on the usage of the term.