Longline fleece sweatshirt: Forever 21 Men's / 
Boyfriend jeans: Marshall's /
I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.
- Frida Kahlo

Margo, really? A white sweatshirt, jeans and some boots? Probably the simplest outfit you'll ever see me in. It's my typical oversized kind of look but with a little tomboy swag. I've been aiming for comfort a lot lately and men's clothing have been my go to, especially with this Miami weather. It's been chilly recently, but not coat weather whatsoever. It's kind of like the perfect weather, for me at least. Cloudy, with a mild breeze. 

Clearly, I was somewhat inspired by the Yeezy fanboy generation although I'm pretty sure this outfit was a lot cheaper than what Kanye is selling. Marshall's is a forgotten gem of mine. I've been looking for loose-fitted boyfriend jeans for awhile now but I couldn't find any in my size. I snagged these jeans for about $15 at Marshall's and cut them a bit to add a little appeal. But wait... that's not all! These Nike combat boots are originally $140 but I bought them at Marshall's for $40. What a steal! 

On another note, a lot of girls have been asking me about my hair lately. I'm no beauty blogger nor am I a hair expert but I will tell you that YouTube is my best friend. The hair I'm currently rocking is Senegalese twists that I bought from a local beauty supply store. I wish I could share the packaging but I threw it away already :( I used the crochet method to install them and it was literally the fastest process. I used 6 packs of hair and it was about a 3 hour process. I highly recommend this as a simple and gorgeous protective style, especially if you have low patience and little time. If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments below.

Peace and light!