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There's no better feeling than seeing your ideas come into fruition. For years I've doubted myself as a stylist and designer. There were times when I wanted to quit but these images remind me to keep going. I literally slaved over these outfits. I had just started my new job and I would come home and be up all night working on these outfits. Keep in mind I work full-time. I created/reconstructed every piece in this shoot from thrifted items. I hope yall like it!

Red slip dress: Goodwill

My mama told me that I was crazy for wearing silk in the summer! For the love of fashion, I'll wear anything. As long as it looks good lol. I'm pretty sure you've seen your some of your favorite stars rocking slips (i.e. Rihanna, Kendall Jenner). Well, I decided to keep it simple this time and paired this slip dress with white Converse. For a cool night look, I added this look with a denim jacket and let it hang off my shoulders. I was snatching edges all night! 

I found this silk dress in the intimate section of my favorite store. Goodwill, of course! Silk dresses similar to this are being sold for $30+ online. Well, I found this for $4 and the quality is absolutely amazing. If you want to get your hands on this sexy trend, I'd advise you to check out you nearest thrift store for a good steal!

2Pac t-shirt: Urban Outfitters 
Look 1: Camo cargo pants: Rumors Boutique (thrifted) / 
Nike Combat Boots: Marshalls / Lace choker: a literal shoelace  
Look 2: Denim skirt: Goodwill / Denim choker: Made by me / 
Faux septum: Rumors Boutique

What's up with this rock band t-shirt trend? I dig the Iron Maiden and ACDC looks but I don't think I'll wear a shirt from a band I've never listened. I'll for damn sure rock a 2Pac or Janet Jackson tee because these are individuals who've actually inspired me. 

I decided to do a 2 look post to show how I sport the "band" shirt trend. If you haven't noticed, I just can't be boring and settle for one type of style or look. I have to switch it up. In the first look, I paired my tee with loose-fitted camo cargo pants and burgundy lips. It's my "I'm trying to be tomboy but not seem like a dyke look" lol. The second look with the denim skirt is my attempt at being more girly.  

Creativity goes a long way when you're on a budget. Want to learn how to sport the latest choker trend for the low-low? In my first look, I took an old shoelace and wrapped it around my neck to create a choker. To create the denim choker in the second look I cut the hem off some old denim shorts that I can't fit anymore. I promise you it's literally that simple. You can even grab a belt, cut it, and connect it along you neck. Let me stop there before I give out too many of my secrets ;)

Of course I'm a scissor happy hoe so I just couldn't help but cut my new favorite t-shirt into a v-neck. I bought this tee from Urban Outfitters for damn near $30. I remember a time when dudes sold these shirts for $10 on the block or at the local flea market. What happened to those niggas? Where yall hiding at? While I'm on my search for some more bootleg tees, go ahead and tell me your favorite from this post in my comments. Look 1 or 2? Whatchu like?

DIY outfit: Goodwill / Fila Disruptor II: Amazon

I'm a retail addict, meaning I can't resist the urge to shop. I've been on a tight budget lately so thrifting has been my life. The best part about thrifting is having an outfit that no one else will have for the lowest price. 

I've been on the hunt for sweaters and sweatpants to crop for the summer. I got the idea from Kid Cudi's infamous crop top from last year's Coachella. I bought a whole bunch of sweaters from Goodwill and I've been on a cutting spree since! I love being able to get creative with my outfits. Actually being able to cut and fit clothing to my body, the way I want it is pretty dope. Maybe I'll dust off the cobwebs on my sowing machine one day. Until then, I'll keep scissors by my side.

Honestly, there was no in-depth creative thought process behind this. I just enjoy the blue-on-blue aesthetic. Blue is such an eye-catching color. It's a color I want to work with more through visuals because there's a lot of concepts that can be connected to the color.

Currently, I'm exploring my creativity as a stylist and visual tastemaker. I'm bored with just putting together outfits and taking pictures. I actually want to produce things with some sort of creative concept behind it. My goal is to get published by next year, so if there are any photographers that's down with the damn thang then holla at me :)

Never thought I was the type of girl to be in a video. The homie Reggie reached out to me a couple of months ago to be apart of this and I'm glad I obliged. This guy truly inspires me as a creative. He raps, he paints, and he directs. It's just not fair how talented he is. His ability to portray stories through his music and art is mind-blowing. He's extremely humble, and overall good person. Mind you, we went to the same high school and never spoke to each other. 

I can't forget to mention Terence, the man behind the visuals. I feel like I'm always talking about how dope he is. He has an amazing eye for photography and film. He's one of the few photographer's that I know that works with a film camera. He also documents things that go around in the black community. 

What's great about both of these guys are that they're both from Miami. It's cool to find people that are actually into the arts because they love it, and not because it's the hype. They're putting out actual content that has the ability to influence the masses, but of course it's not getting tons of views. It's not about likes, it's about using your platform to inspire. If you'd like to see more of their work, check out Reggie and Terence's Instagram pages below.

Also, check out Reggie's website:

As seen on me:
Red windbreaker: Thrifted No Relation Vintage / 
White button-up: Zara / Black jeans: Zara / White Vans

As seen on Greg:
Brown wool jacket: No Relation Vintage / 
Plaid flannel shirt: No Relation Vintage / Denim joggers: UNIQLO / Adidas

I'm currently having withdrawals while writing this post. I took a well-needed trip to New York for my birthday weekend and I absolutely enjoyed myself. Ironically, on the day that I flew out to NY I received my admission letter to NYU for my master's. You can't tell me that wasn't fate. For as long as I can remember, I've been dreaming about getting out of Florida and moving to New York and I've finally got the opportunity. Then again, NYU and the city itself is not cheap and keep in mind I'm still broke and black. 

As you can see, I'm back at it again with the tomboy style. There's something about my hairstyle that makes me want to stick to tomboy looks. I don't even know what to consider my style anymore so I'll just say it's experimental stages. I highly doubt I'll ever stick to a specific style and I'm completely okay with being complicated like that. This look kind of reminds me of a few Asian dancers from the West Coast, like Brian Puspos and them. Idk that was a weird description lol

Anywhooo... Greg, who is pictured here with me, has a urban meets grunge type of vibe going on. He was nice enough to house my best friend (the photographer) and I on our visit. He's a Florida baby as well, I met him in Gainesville. He's one of those people that did not belong in Gainesville so moving out to NY seems to be the perfect fit for him. He's an aspiring stylist as well and extremely talented. His style is so effortless and it's so unfair because anything he puts on just looks so good on him. Our outfits complemented each other so we had to do a shoot together!

I cant end this post without mentioning this! Coney Island came thru with the good light. It really reflects against our skin magically. I swear I took the best selfies there. Greg and I had some great talks about our skin color and how it took us awhile to appreciate it. I'm happy to finally be comfortable enough to say proudly that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photography: Daniel Rosario - @theboomchronicles
Nova - @materialsathand
Kalyn - @kalynkawaii

So I recently took a trip to NYC to enjoy my birthday. I'm a Florida baby, so New York was like a whole different world to me. Of course, I had to visit Soho to see what the hype was about. It was literally a walking runway. Fashion beasts on every street. Of all of style gawds that I came across, no one stood out more than these two ladies, which is why I had to dedicate a special blog post to them. Listen... I almost went nuts when I saw baby girl with the pink jacket and cash heart earrings. I pressured my best friend to go ask if he could snap some shots of her. Come to find out, she actually made the earrings that she was wearing. She mentioned that her friend who was a real fashionista and we automatically knew who she was when we saw her walking towards our way. I absolutely liveddddd for the both of them. The Spike Lee jacket and and the Jeremy Scott basketball bag took the cake! I wish I had asked them more about their outfit details but I was way too into the moment. 

There's nothing I appreciate more than authentic creative expression through fashion. What's unique about it is that it comes across as extremely natural and extremely free.  If I could describe Kalyn and Nova's style it would be something like "urban chic carefree black girl". I feel like I lost a lot of my creativity as I got older because I wasn't encouraged to be the creative individual I was by nature. They truly inspire me to dig deep into my creative side. If you want more info on how to get Kalyn's earrings or need creative consultation by Nova make sure you check out their Instagrams!

Longline fleece sweatshirt: Forever 21 Men's / 
Boyfriend jeans: Marshall's /
I am my own muse, I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better.
- Frida Kahlo

Margo, really? A white sweatshirt, jeans and some boots? Probably the simplest outfit you'll ever see me in. It's my typical oversized kind of look but with a little tomboy swag. I've been aiming for comfort a lot lately and men's clothing have been my go to, especially with this Miami weather. It's been chilly recently, but not coat weather whatsoever. It's kind of like the perfect weather, for me at least. Cloudy, with a mild breeze. 

Clearly, I was somewhat inspired by the Yeezy fanboy generation although I'm pretty sure this outfit was a lot cheaper than what Kanye is selling. Marshall's is a forgotten gem of mine. I've been looking for loose-fitted boyfriend jeans for awhile now but I couldn't find any in my size. I snagged these jeans for about $15 at Marshall's and cut them a bit to add a little appeal. But wait... that's not all! These Nike combat boots are originally $140 but I bought them at Marshall's for $40. What a steal! 

On another note, a lot of girls have been asking me about my hair lately. I'm no beauty blogger nor am I a hair expert but I will tell you that YouTube is my best friend. The hair I'm currently rocking is Senegalese twists that I bought from a local beauty supply store. I wish I could share the packaging but I threw it away already :( I used the crochet method to install them and it was literally the fastest process. I used 6 packs of hair and it was about a 3 hour process. I highly recommend this as a simple and gorgeous protective style, especially if you have low patience and little time. If you have any questions, shoot them in the comments below.

Peace and light!

Denim Jacket: Levi's (borrowed from my mom's)/ Mustard zippered top: Forever 21 / Denim high-waisted skirt: Goodwill / Mustard socks: American Apparel / 
UO white oxfords: Urban Thread in Gainesville
"Normal is a setting on the washing machine"
I just cant get over how good mustard looks on brown skin. Although we're well into winter, somehow mustard manages to be a common color in my wardrobe this season. I can get away with it because technically winter doesn't exist down here in Miami. Besides, who cares about which colors are in season. This mustard and denim combo immediately became one of my favorite outfits, especially with my new hairstyle.

I was extremely nervous about this hairstyle. I knew it would attract attention and I HATE attention. I'm awkward and I don't know how to respond to constant stares and I can hardly accept compliments. I was worried about it not being "professional" and it annoys me when people ask "is that your real hair?" It's a big ass fro, so these things can't be avoided. It sucks that I have to be concerned with hiding my true self in order to mold into the rest of society just to make a living. But yeah, fuck all that. For now, this lion will roam free in the wild.