Meow cropped sweater: Forever 21 / 
Blue midi-skirt: Giti / Frilly socks: Cotton On / 
Sandal heels: Forever 21 / Cat ears: Target

"People will stare, make it worth their while"

Midi-skirts have been on my wishlist for months now and I finally got my hands on a pair. I personally believe that midi-skirts have powers. They have the power to flatter all body types. They have the power to bring out the chic in any style or outfit and they also have the power to be unforgettable. I adore the versatility of the midi skirt. They can be dressed down casually with a basic tee or dressed up with pointy toe heels for that feminine appeal. I decided to pair my midi-skirt with mini sandal heels and frilly socks because I'm childish like that (no wonder people still think I'm 18). I thought they looked cute and fun together with a graphic cropped sweater until I went outside. I must have thought wrong because 84 degree weather is not sweater weather. Listen to me people, NEVER wear a sweater in Florida during the summer!

Wide-brim fedora hat: Forever 21 / 
Crochet tunic: Get something similar here
Peep toe slingbacks: Forever 21 

I was supposed to put this outfit on the blog months ago. Usually when I take a while to put things up, I just don't put it up at all. I made the exception just because it's been awhile and I really love this outfit. I also have a great story to go with it.

So... Throughout the semester I would take random trips home to Miami, just to get out of Lamesville and relieve myself from stress. I usually overpack and bring just in case outfits but this particular time I didn't. One night, I went out to this event called the Void. Now, if you've been to the Void then you better come in your best damn outfit. People really be shitting on ya with style but they clearly have money. Let me remind you that I'm still broke and black. Aint shit changed lol. But anyway... I decided to wear this tunic. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring both my nude bra and strapless bra. Now, I hardly wear bras anyway but this top requires one because the crochet section is so deep. Basically if I did too much movement my nips would show. My moms happened to notice them and when I tried to cover them up she said "girl don't try to cover them up now, free the nipple!" I thought it was hilarious because she's usually my #1 hater and always has something slick to say about my outfits. With her confirmation, I confidently let my nips out without a care about anyone's opinions.

My mom's statement was absolutely relevant because "Free the Nipple" is an actual movement. If you're not familiar with the Free the Nipple, it's a movement that challenges censorship and public nudity laws, hoping to decriminalize female nudity. Both males and females share the same but because female nipples are sexualized, it is considered a public indecency to expose them. I support this movement and I hope to do my own little free the nipple visual project in the near future. Looking back at these shots, I wish I would have thought of not wearing a bra. 


"A little learning, indeed, may be a dangerous thing, but the want of learning is a calamity to any people."
-  Frederick Douglass

If you all have been wondering where the hell I've been and why I haven't been updating my blog its because I've been trying to graduate. Lawd.. this had to be the hardest semester ever. I had absolutely too much going on. Between working, volunteering, taking 5 classes and directing shows, I had no time left to work on this blog. Butttt.... on May 3rd, I finally graduated with my bachelor's from the University of Florida!!! These lovely ladies included in the images above are my SISTUHS. SISTUHS, Inc. is an organization for women dedicated to community enrichment. They made the last 2 years of my college experience worthwhile and I am so blessed to be surrounded by likeminded, intelligent black women! We've defeated the odds and made it out of the Swamp!

Education is of so much value and importance and I'm so happy to see my black people being celebrated for graduating from higher education institutions throughout social media outlets. There once was a time when laws were in place to prevent blacks from learning to read and write because They knew the power of knowledge. By keeping Us ignorant, They knew that they would be able to keep Us under control. Under this notion, I encourage ALL people to strive to be educated. I did not attend the University of Florida to be a doctor or lawyer, I attended the University of Florida because I wanted to learn and grow and be educated.