As seen on me:
Red windbreaker: Thrifted No Relation Vintage / 
White button-up: Zara / Black jeans: Zara / White Vans

As seen on Greg:
Brown wool jacket: No Relation Vintage / 
Plaid flannel shirt: No Relation Vintage / Denim joggers: UNIQLO / Adidas

I'm currently having withdrawals while writing this post. I took a well-needed trip to New York for my birthday weekend and I absolutely enjoyed myself. Ironically, on the day that I flew out to NY I received my admission letter to NYU for my master's. You can't tell me that wasn't fate. For as long as I can remember, I've been dreaming about getting out of Florida and moving to New York and I've finally got the opportunity. Then again, NYU and the city itself is not cheap and keep in mind I'm still broke and black. 

As you can see, I'm back at it again with the tomboy style. There's something about my hairstyle that makes me want to stick to tomboy looks. I don't even know what to consider my style anymore so I'll just say it's experimental stages. I highly doubt I'll ever stick to a specific style and I'm completely okay with being complicated like that. This look kind of reminds me of a few Asian dancers from the West Coast, like Brian Puspos and them. Idk that was a weird description lol

Anywhooo... Greg, who is pictured here with me, has a urban meets grunge type of vibe going on. He was nice enough to house my best friend (the photographer) and I on our visit. He's a Florida baby as well, I met him in Gainesville. He's one of those people that did not belong in Gainesville so moving out to NY seems to be the perfect fit for him. He's an aspiring stylist as well and extremely talented. His style is so effortless and it's so unfair because anything he puts on just looks so good on him. Our outfits complemented each other so we had to do a shoot together!

I cant end this post without mentioning this! Coney Island came thru with the good light. It really reflects against our skin magically. I swear I took the best selfies there. Greg and I had some great talks about our skin color and how it took us awhile to appreciate it. I'm happy to finally be comfortable enough to say proudly that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photography: Daniel Rosario - @theboomchronicles
Nova - @materialsathand
Kalyn - @kalynkawaii

So I recently took a trip to NYC to enjoy my birthday. I'm a Florida baby, so New York was like a whole different world to me. Of course, I had to visit Soho to see what the hype was about. It was literally a walking runway. Fashion beasts on every street. Of all of style gawds that I came across, no one stood out more than these two ladies, which is why I had to dedicate a special blog post to them. Listen... I almost went nuts when I saw baby girl with the pink jacket and cash heart earrings. I pressured my best friend to go ask if he could snap some shots of her. Come to find out, she actually made the earrings that she was wearing. She mentioned that her friend who was a real fashionista and we automatically knew who she was when we saw her walking towards our way. I absolutely liveddddd for the both of them. The Spike Lee jacket and and the Jeremy Scott basketball bag took the cake! I wish I had asked them more about their outfit details but I was way too into the moment. 

There's nothing I appreciate more than authentic creative expression through fashion. What's unique about it is that it comes across as extremely natural and extremely free.  If I could describe Kalyn and Nova's style it would be something like "urban chic carefree black girl". I feel like I lost a lot of my creativity as I got older because I wasn't encouraged to be the creative individual I was by nature. They truly inspire me to dig deep into my creative side. If you want more info on how to get Kalyn's earrings or need creative consultation by Nova make sure you check out their Instagrams!