Lakers practice jersey: Goodwill / Customized yellow Converse: / Flower hairpiece: Dollar Tree (added a hairpin to the back) 

First of all, let me say, I am not a Lakers fan. I am not a Lamar Odom fan. I'm not even a sports fan. But I do love vintage. I found this gem during a random thrift trip in a Goodwill in Miami, back when jerseys were a emerging again as a major trend. I liked how it resembles the jersey dresses I used to wear in elementary school (y'all know i'm childish af right). I also love that this jersey is reversible, so basically I can flip this bih around on it's white side and wear it another day like its a whole 'nother outfit. 

It's summer so why not match a bright yellow jersey with bright yellow shoes. It created a funky aesthetic along with the flower and my natural hair. I've decided to give up the weaves and let my natural hair breath for awhile (here comes the speech about my natural hair journey, but I promise to keep it short ! :) I was natural until about my sophomore year of high school when I decided to join my school's dance line. I made the choice to get a texturizer to prevent my hair from frizzing up during performances. Fast forward to my junior year of college with lots of split ends and heat damage. By this time, the natural hair movement had been going strong so it was very encouraging to see other black women embrace their natural hair. 

I've been transitioning for about a year and a half now. Honestly, it took me awhile to get comfortable with my wearing my own hair because I thought I looked better with "Eurocentric" hairstyles but we'll save that discussion for another time (because I promised I'd keep it short and I lied).  I get aggravated with my hair because it's so thick which is another reason why I always resort back to weave. I wish I could give you guys natural hair tips but I'm still learning. Once I get my own hair together I'll be more than happy to share :)

Wide-brim fedora / Cross choker necklace / 
High-slit plaid shirt / Long-line muscle tee: Forever 21/ Sk8-Hi Vans: Zumiez

"Dress your best, even when feeling your worst"

I've had a loss of inspiration and creativity. I feel stuck... more like trapped. I know that it's because I'm unhappy af and it's mainly because I hate my job. It's the most boring, unfulfilling job ever and my soul cries every time I walk into the building. I work 6 days out of the week and it can get depressing sometimes. I walk in that bish like it's fashion week though. I'm a firm believer in "when you look your best, you feel your best". Looking good can definitely bring up your mood and knowing that I wont be there for too much longer gives me a little hope. 

I'll be moving back to Miami in less than two weeks and I'm extremely excited! In honor of that, I decided to put up a couple of pictures from my little vacay in Miami last month. These were taken in the Wynwood Art District. I was walking around looking like a tourist, and this was kind of the perfect outfit for that. Sk-8 Hi's are one of the most comfortable shoes to sight-see in. They also give off this "cool girl" feeling. The white long-tee I have on is actually a medium men's shirt. Y'all know how much I love turning men's clothing into feminine looks. The white long-tee along with the high-slit plaid shirt flowed perfectly against the wind. These pieces came together to form a young, broke but chic look :)

LA Dodgers cap: Lids / Pink oversized 
t-shirt: H&M / Sweat-shorts: Walmart / 
Nike Air Force One's: The Athlete's Foot

There's been this sudden spur of appreciation for Cam'ron's style all over social media websites. I must admit he was pretty damn fly during the early 2000's. I've never seen a man wear pink so confidently and look so good doing so. On an interview with The Breakfast Club he stated that he initially wore pink to stand out at a fashion week event. He also mentioned that he likes to do whatever's different and I respect that. I wanted to put together a boss look that says "I want to be the female Cam'ron but it's hot outside" so here it is lol. 

I hardly wear pink, nor have I been satisfied with the women's section lately. I purposely picked up this cute pink tee from H&M men's section in a large so that it can be oversized. I enjoy making feminine looks with men's clothing but with this 99 degree, no wind having ass Gainesville, FL weather I had no choice but to wear loose-fit clothing. My shorts are just some sweats I bought from Walmart that I decided to cut so I can dance in them. I threw on a my go-to Mac Ruby Woo lip to add a little feminine touch, along with my favorite hat to cover my leave-out from this gruesome heat. It came to be the most comfortable outfit ever.