DIY outfit: Goodwill / Fila Disruptor II: Amazon

I'm a retail addict, meaning I can't resist the urge to shop. I've been on a tight budget lately so thrifting has been my life. The best part about thrifting is having an outfit that no one else will have for the lowest price. 

I've been on the hunt for sweaters and sweatpants to crop for the summer. I got the idea from Kid Cudi's infamous crop top from last year's Coachella. I bought a whole bunch of sweaters from Goodwill and I've been on a cutting spree since! I love being able to get creative with my outfits. Actually being able to cut and fit clothing to my body, the way I want it is pretty dope. Maybe I'll dust off the cobwebs on my sowing machine one day. Until then, I'll keep scissors by my side.