2Pac t-shirt: Urban Outfitters 
Look 1: Camo cargo pants: Rumors Boutique (thrifted) / 
Nike Combat Boots: Marshalls / Lace choker: a literal shoelace  
Look 2: Denim skirt: Goodwill / Denim choker: Made by me / 
Faux septum: Rumors Boutique

What's up with this rock band t-shirt trend? I dig the Iron Maiden and ACDC looks but I don't think I'll wear a shirt from a band I've never listened. I'll for damn sure rock a 2Pac or Janet Jackson tee because these are individuals who've actually inspired me. 

I decided to do a 2 look post to show how I sport the "band" shirt trend. If you haven't noticed, I just can't be boring and settle for one type of style or look. I have to switch it up. In the first look, I paired my tee with loose-fitted camo cargo pants and burgundy lips. It's my "I'm trying to be tomboy but not seem like a dyke look" lol. The second look with the denim skirt is my attempt at being more girly.  

Creativity goes a long way when you're on a budget. Want to learn how to sport the latest choker trend for the low-low? In my first look, I took an old shoelace and wrapped it around my neck to create a choker. To create the denim choker in the second look I cut the hem off some old denim shorts that I can't fit anymore. I promise you it's literally that simple. You can even grab a belt, cut it, and connect it along you neck. Let me stop there before I give out too many of my secrets ;)

Of course I'm a scissor happy hoe so I just couldn't help but cut my new favorite t-shirt into a v-neck. I bought this tee from Urban Outfitters for damn near $30. I remember a time when dudes sold these shirts for $10 on the block or at the local flea market. What happened to those niggas? Where yall hiding at? While I'm on my search for some more bootleg tees, go ahead and tell me your favorite from this post in my comments. Look 1 or 2? Whatchu like?


  1. this t-shirt pic is so beautiful . my suggestion it's best .

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